Focus Area 1: Workforce

Activities will ensure increased access to oral health care and the development of a workforce that is diverse, competent, and representative of the population.

Outcome Measures for This Focus Area

    1. Reduce the number of federally designated dental health professional shortage areas in Colorado by 15% by 2017.
      • Measured by professional shortage areas data maintained by CDPHE
    2. Increase the diversity of students admitted to professional dental and dental hygiene programs by 10% by 2017.
      • Measured by admissions records maintained by each professional institution.
      • The diversity of the ongoing dental workforce will be measured by the Department of Regulatory Affairs.
    3. Expand the diversity of practice settings in which Coloradans can seek care.
      • Measured by Medicaid billing data that indicates which services are offered in which settings

Strategies for This Focus Area

  • Strategy 1: Assist communities experiencing dental workforce shortages
  • Strategy 2: Encourage oral health providers to practice to the full scope of their education and licensure
  • Strategy 3: Support primary care providers’ training


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