Focus Area 5: Health Promotion

Activities are directed at educating the public on the relationship between oral health and general health and on individual roles and responsibilities for oral health.

Outcome Measures for This Focus Area

  1. By 2017, families will have improved oral health literacy.
    • Measured by comparison of Child Health Survey data
  2. By 2017, there will be increased public access of health promotion and oral health education information, tools and resources.
  • Measured by website data from OHCO, CDPHE, CDE, CDA, HCPF and Delta Dental of Colorado

Strategies for This Focus Area

  • Strategy 1: Educate the public, especially families with young children, about the importance of oral health to overall wellbeing
  • Strategy 2: Support parents and caregivers in their efforts to ensure healthy hygiene practices at home, good nutrition for the prevention of caries, promotion of overall health, and prevention of the transmission of disease from caregiver to child
  • Strategy 3: Support the inclusion of optimal oral health practices within other programs that reach at-risk families and individuals (e.g. Head Start; Women, Infants and Children [WIC] programs; child care centers; prenatal and home visitation programs).
  • Strategy 4: Support the inclusion of optimal oral health practices within programs that reach at-risk elderly and their caregivers (e.g., family members, long-term care facilities).


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