Focus Area 2: Infrastructure

Infrastructure consists of an interconnected set of elements (systems, people, relationships and resources) that provide a framework that supports a system capable of meeting the oral health needs of Coloradans.


Outcome Measures for This Focus Area

  1. By 2017, parity between oral health infrastructure and other public health infrastructure is achieved.
    • Measured by state budget and private funding for oral health infrastructure
  2. Evidence-based strategies are supported and funded.
  • Measured by public and private insurance reimbursement policies, and dissemination of best practices throughout the public and private sector

Strategies for This Focus Area

  • Strategy 1: Increase the dental public health infrastructure at the state and local level
  • Strategy 2: Call upon providers, decision-makers, stakeholders and residents to take leadership
  • Strategy 3: Support access to fluoridated water and sealants for all residents, especially those at highest risk for dental decay


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