Focus Area 3: Financing

Pursues effective financing of both the systems of oral health care and the activities of the state oral health plan.

Outcome Measures for This Focus Area

  1. By 2017, the utilization rates for dental benefits will increase to at least 69% for adults and 65% for children.
    • Measured by Medicaid and Delta Dental data
  2. By 2017, oral health will be financed as an important component of general health
  • Measured by mandated public and private dental insurance coverage for adults

Strategies for This Focus Area

  • Strategy 1: Identify and advocate for the changes needed within publicly funded and private insurance programs
  • Strategy 2: Ensure that adults have access to oral health preventive and treatment services through public insurance programs
  • Strategy 3: Assist those covered by publicly or privately funded oral health insurance to understand and use benefits


Click the icons below to see strategies and suggested actions by group for impacting the oral health financing in Colorado.


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